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    Eyelash Extension Training Santa Barbara

    Eyelash extensions have been developed to look exactly like your natural eyelashes. The extensions are applied to existing individual eyelashes to create thicker natural and beautiful looking lashes. The special adhesive used is never applied directly to the skin or eyelids so lashes are very safe and comfortable to wear. They can only be applied by a trained and certified lash Stylist and generally require routine touchups every 2-4 weeks. 

    We provide detailed intensive training to all learners wishing to become a certified Lash stylist. We will help you grow your lash business with the best training and careful attention to each learner to make sure you completely comprehend the course materials and graduate with confidence and with our PBT reputation backing you into your new career.

    PBT America covers many areas like San Diego, California, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Nevada, New York,Texas, Las Vegas, Orange County, Riverside, Temecula, Santa Ana, Santa Barbara, Irvine, Phoenix, Arizona, New Mexico, Fresno, San Jose for offering training in beauty techniques like eyelash extension. 
    One of our latest fibroblash class-



    Microblading Training
    2499 USD
    1/29 to 2/12/2024
    Beauty Business Class A-Z
    550 USD
    Classic and Volume Lash Training
    1799 USD
    Skin Tightening Training 2/7/2023
    2499 USD

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