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    Microblading Training New York

    Microblading (also known as eyebrow embroidery, 3D Brows, 6D Brows, Feathering, Floating Brows) is a relatively new beauty procedure in the American market. It has held growing popularity in Asia and Eastern Europe for the past 10-15 years.

    It is considered to be a semi-permanent cosmetic procedure that involves enhancing your own natural beauty by using a very fine blade made up from many small pins or needles, much smaller than tattoo needles. This manual blade implants pigment in the upper layers of the skin - not as deep as a permanent cosmetic tattoo. Because pigment is being implanted very close to the surface of the skin, the end result gives the appearance of very realistic, crisp hair strokes. There is no spilling or spreading of pigment under the skin.
    The procedure is ideal for both men and women who wish to enhance or correct their current brow shape, fill in areas of sparse hair or recreate entire eyebrows for individuals who may have lost the hair from medical treatments and ailments. The results are natural looking hair-like strokes, regardless of how much natural hair is present.

    Eyebrow Microblading procedure is ideal for the following candidates:
    • If you have very fair hair, blonde or grey eyebrow shades
    • If you have over-plucked eyebrows and are having trouble growing them back
    • If you have suffered hair loss due to medical treatments such as chemotherapy
    • If you suffer a medical condition such as alopecia 
    • If you want to adjust your brow shape or do not wish to pencil in your brows
    • If you have previously had tattooed eyebrows and need help restoring a more natural look - these candidates need to be pre-approved in a case by case basis
    • If you have trichotillomania or any other condition that causes hair loss
    • If you are not happy with your natural eyebrows
    • If you are not great at penciling in your brows, or are limited on time to do your brow makeup every day  
    Every artist has their own style and technique of performing eyebrow microblading. Our objective and purpose is to gently and subtly enhance your own natural features and create a customized look that suits you.

    The pigments used have been specially formulated and blended to match your original eyebrow color, and if hairs are still present, to blend perfectly into them. We also take into contention, skin tones, hair color and personal preferences. The results are a very natural, fuller looking brow.  Results will last anywhere from 1-2 years depending on many different factors which we have explained in further detail on our After Care page. A touch up at least once every 6-12 months to retain the shape and saturation of the pigment is recommended. 

    We also specialize in Men's brows too. Many men desire fuller, more natural looking brows or color enhancement for greying brow hairs

    The initial procedure is approximately 2 hours long and includes your consultation on the same day. 

    If you only need a partial brow treatment, please email us with a photo of your natural brows and we can discuss a tailor made appointment for your needs.

    Once you have made your appointment request we will contact you to assess if you are an appropriate candidate for this treatment and will provide you with before and after care instructions.
    PBT America covers many areas like San Diego, California, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Nevada, New York,Texas, Las Vegas, Orange County, Riverside, Temecula, Santa Ana, Santa Barbara, Irvine, Phoenix, Arizona, New Mexico, Fresno, San Jose for offering training in beauty techniques like eyelash extension.


    Microblading Training
    2499 USD
    1/29 to 2/12/2024
    Beauty Business Class A-Z
    550 USD
    Classic and Volume Lash Training
    1799 USD
    Skin Tightening Training 2/7/2023
    2499 USD

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