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    Microblading and Plasma Lift in CA- PBT America

    Best Microblading Speakers California

    PBT America is an established name in the microblading beauty industry in San Diego, California, Las Vegas and many more areas around, not only for its beauty supplies but exclusively for the Microblading training, events and experienced speakers associated with the company.

    Our reknowned microblading speaker associations include - 

     DR. RAYMOND Y. CHAN, Board-certified Ophthalmologist with over 34 years of clinical research and surgical experience will speak on the topics of Myths and Complications associated with esthetic related practices of eyelash extensions.

    Suki Leung, a recognized authority and practitioner in the beauty profession.Besides completing a series of guides for estheticians, Suki now delivers seminars on microblading to an international audience.

    DR. BRIAN BEAKLEY, He is professor of Philosophy at Eastern Illinois University, where his teaching focuses on mathematical logic and linguistics.

    MIREILLE BERTAND, Founder and Creative Director, of Maquillage Makeup Academy in San Diego, brings 20years of experience in the art of Makeup and Hair.

    ALEKSANDRA MANUSE, Director of Ltd. DL Group and Founder of Deluxe Lashes and Deluxe Brows. Aleksandra recently created the “2 Steps Microblading Technique” and is the author of Microblading and Eyelash Extension Tutorials and training certification system, component of the Lash Master2, approved by ABT International. 

    Professional Beauty Training of America - also known as PBT America is a full-service beauty industry training company, established in 2016, that focuses on all aspects of beauty industry training. At PBT we specialize in Eyebrow Microblading training and Eyelash Extension training. We cover a wide area range including San Diego, California, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Nevada, New York,Texas, Las Vegas, Orange County, Riverside, Temecula, Santa Ana, Santa Barbara, Irvine, Phoenix, Arizona, New Mexico, Fresno, San Jose.

    Microblading helps you get rid of having to worry for your overgrown or over plucked eyebrows. WHo doesnt look with awwe at beauties like Rihanna, Ktie Price, Angeline Jolie, Collen Rooney and others for their ever presentable brows!!

    Study Abroad Hong Kong 2019(Summary)

    10 Days in Hong Kong including AirFare, Accomadations, Daily Breakfasts, and SEVEN Certification!
    Explore the busiest city in the world, Hong Kong, and visit some of the most coloful places in Asia!
    This tour is for Beauty Professionals looking to travel while getting multiple certifications at the same time.
    Round trip airfare, daily breakfast, and accomodations are all included.

    Please see more detail
    17, January2021
    Event Time 10.00


    Beauty Beyond Las Vegas 2021

    Professional Beauty Training of America will hold a first beauty seminar in Las Vegas 2021 . Refuel your passion with innovative workshops and presentations on classroom methodology, admissions and marketing. This Annual Convention is...
    Beauty Beyond Las Vegas 2021


    Microblading Training
    2499 USD
    1/29 to 2/12/2024
    Beauty Business Class A-Z
    550 USD
    Classic and Volume Lash Training
    1799 USD
    Skin Tightening Training 2/7/2023
    2499 USD


    Sign up as a model:Your exclusive chance to get FREE micropigmentation from world's leading in Semi permanent make up!

    Please note:

    » We cannot grant requests for specific treatment techniques or technicians.
    » Signing up as a model is upon availability and does not gurantee you will be pigmented.
    » Signing up as a model does not allow admission to program of the Semi Permanenet Make Up Competition as a participant.
    » As a model you will be treated for free. It is not possible to qualify for touch up treatments or subsequent treatments.
    » If you are participant of the Conference AND a model you will miss a part of the program; it is not possible to claim compensation in any form whatsover.
    » No show or cancellation later than 48 hours before appontment gives the organization the right to charge you $100 USD.
    » We will contact you to discuss the possibilities on the email address you submit.
    » Your participation will not be final until you have received our confirmation email.


    PBT 2019 Hong Kong Trip : Cosmoprof

    Beautiful, Confident, Happy - You make Yourself.

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