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    Beautiful, Confident, Happy - You make Yourself.

                                       PBT of America - Happiness Beauty

    No one can make you feel beautiful but You! No one can instill that confidence in you but You! No one can define what's worth for you but You!
    Good looks, health, confidence, happiness all go hand in hand. PBT of America, San Diego, is much more than just a professional training institute and center for latest trends in beauty treatments like Plasma Lift, eyelash extension and Microblading. Our experts strongly believe the inner beauty of a person and the beauty in the eyes of the beholder.
    We aim at not only assisting with rectifying, improving or enhancing physical attributes, but also in helping our connects to gain and boost their confidence and make them fall in love with themselves and with the life all over again in a new found way.
    Train your brain to make you feel beautiful. Give yourself Time. Exercise, Meditate. Run your duties wisely and enjoy your life fully.
    Try to be more of an observer than a judge. Observe, learn and practise.
    Keep a happy face on. Smile is highly contagious! Make good friends, admire your positives and forgive yourself for your negatives.
    Breathe deep, count your blessings, say Thanks more often.
    Wear what you feel decent and good about, Wear colos, Stay calm and loosen up.
    Give yourself a reality check now and then. Accept what needs to be changed and go for it.
    Don't let others convince you or make you believe what you are. Hold your grounds!
    Microblading Training
    2499 USD
    1/29 to 2/12/2024
    Beauty Business Class A-Z
    550 USD
    Classic and Volume Lash Training
    1799 USD
    Skin Tightening Training 2/7/2023
    2499 USD

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