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    Am I a Bad Candidate For Microblading ?

                                                        Bad Candidate For Microblading

    The most lovable ready to run look awithout having to worry about your brows can be such a relief for any woman. Microblading done by professionals at San Diego, NYC, can give you the ease. But, Is microblading safe and suitable to one and all. Its not a One Size Fits All phenomenon. There are a few indications you need to be very very careful about. 

    If you happen to fall in any of the following categories, Microblading is not for you...

    Individuals at risk of keloids, extraordinary thin pores and skin, Rosacea or skin-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. As described on other posts that Microblading punctures the pores and skin with tiny needles, the procedure is not safe for customers with skin conditions.  

    Individuals with transmittable blood ailment including HIV or Hepatitis. Interfering with the skin and involvement of blood oozing out makes it unsafe for the customer and the professional too.

    If you’ve had Botox/filler inside the forehead region we advise customers wait 4 weeks after botox/filler before getting Microblading carried out. Or you can get Microblading first! 

    Individuals suffering from any kind of cancer and undergoing active chemotherapy are advised to recover from the condition and get back to the beauty procedure with a healthy body to be able to recover soon. 

    If you have got any type of pores and skin circumstance close to your eyebrows. Eczema, shingles, rashes, or anything else near eyebrows.

    Individuals with oily pores and skin. Those with very oily skin and large pores aren't correct candidates for microblading. Those with much less oily or aggregate skin, may additionally take into account different strategies we provide at our center.
    Individuals beneath 18 years of age.

    Pregnant or nursing individuals are advised to delay the procedure.

    Individuals with dark pre-existing eyebrow tattoo. 

    Those suffering from Heart situations, High Blood Pressure or have undergone an organ transplant would be advised to consult their doctor prior to making up their mind.

    In case you are trying to recover from a short term sickness like viral, please get well and get back to us.

    You are most welcome for any kinds of discussion and consultation regarding our procedures at our San Diego Training Institute.
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