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    Microblading Versus Permanent Makeup - Training at San Diego

                                                                                                                      Microblading San Diego v/s Permanent Makeup

    Permanent makeup and microblading are often thought to be the same.Although both involve pigmentation of the epidermis to produce results, still both are quite different. For many poeple these techniques are in vain, they feel its useless to have to bear the pain and cost but for those with alopecia, thiining eyebrows or a very tight lifestyle and routine with the demand of always being ready to rush, these are a boon. 

    PBT America, one of San Diego's best microblading training name talks about how does microblading differ from permanent makeup.
    • Permanent makeup can be for eyes, lips and brows whereas microblading is the technique only for eyebrows.
    • Permanent makeup uses an electrically powered machine similar to what is used by tattoo artists whereas microblading is done manually using grouped fine needles held by a blade designed for the specific purpose.
    • Permanent makeup lasts longer than microblading as it pushes more pigment deeper than what is done in microblading.
    • Permenent makeup on the brows gives the look of fresh eyepencil wokred upon or fresh makeup done, more like a tattoo whereas microblading mimics real eyebrow hairs that are freshly tweezed.
    What technique will work best for you depends on your personal choice.You can discuss the same with our professionals . If you like dark full brows and are fond of filling them almost everyday, microblading might not satisfy you.
    Microblading Training
    2499 USD
    1/29 to 2/12/2024
    Beauty Business Class A-Z
    550 USD
    Classic and Volume Lash Training
    1799 USD
    Skin Tightening Training 2/7/2023
    2499 USD

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