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    Microblading After Care Tips California

                                                                                                    Microblading After Care Tips At California
    PBT America's trained and experienced technicians in microblading, eyelash extension have brought up many beautiful happy faces all around San Diego, New York, Las Vegas, Orange County to count a few.Along with perfection in our procedures, we lay equal emphasis on correct knowledge and proper care taking by the clients themselves.

    Since microblading involves putting cuts into the skin in the area of your eyebrows and implanting a color pigment into the cuts, it also requires after care of your area skin once the procedure is done. Right after microblading, the eyebrow appears quite dark due to the fresh pigment and the skin beneath and around is red. This takes a week or two to come to its normal and natural  looking state. 

    After about 2 hours of the process, you should wipe away the excess pigment dye using a cotton swab dipped in sterilized water.There after following below mentioned instructions can help in the end result and good healing -

    - Avoid wetting the face for the next 10 days
    - No makeup for at least a week to allow all color to set in
    - avoid touching or rubbing the brow area, is really required use only sterilised swabs or baby wipes
    - avoid facials, swimming, sauna bath, sweating for the next 2 weeks
    - apply the medicated cream, if any, suggested by your technician to your brow area.
    - Do not let your hair touch your brows.
    - Do NOT use benzoyl peroxide, salicyclic acid, or retinoids 
    - avoid sleeping on your stomach for a few days

    We always recommend that you check your calender for any important dates, events or functions upcoming before fixing your microblading date.

    Our licensed professionals are more than happy to atend to our questions and doubts anytime you need them. Visit Pbt America, San Diego for more.
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