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    New York Microblading Professionals Tell Why Makeup Makes You Sick

                                                                                                                                          Safe Makeup Tips- New York Salon Tips

    All women love to look prettier by applying makeup, that could be more or just touches. But be it any amount and kind of makeup, trained professionals at our San Diego Microblading and eyelash extension salon and training academy lay utmost importance on taking care while applying any makeup. You have one face, Take the best care you can!

    - applying mascara in a hurry or carelessly can leadto hurting your cornea with the mascara wand.

    - glitters and shimmers in the eyeshadow can play a havoc if you are using less reliable and cheaper brnads and the glitter happens to get into your eyes.

    - you should pay attention to any and all safety instructions and expiry instructions stated on the make up packs and make sure you sure reliable names.

    - try to choose makeup products that say "non-comedogenic", specially the ones that work as a base directly on your skin.

    - if you have a sensitive or oily skin, you need to be more cautious about the products that they shouldnt be too heavy on yor skin and should not clog your skin pores.

    - always avoid sharing of makeup and brushes, specially eye makeup to keep away any bacteria or infection from being passed on.

    - an eyelash curler has brought forth many accidental cases, where hurried or inappropriate use of eyelash curler cause scratching of the eyeball.

    - make sure you clean your makeup brushes once a week if you are using them everyday, using a mild soap free cleanser solution.

    - do not scrub hard around your eyes to remove makeup. This can cause popped blood vessels and dark circles.

    - if you are the one whos addicted to eyelash extension, make sure to get them done from a trained and experienced eyelash extension professional in Las Vegas, California, New York or anywhere you wish for. They use sharp instruments around the eye globe and inexperienced staff can even lead to corneal abrasion or puncture. There have been accidental cases, although very rare.

    - sleeping with your makeup on is a very bad idea. If you could spend 30 minutes putting the makeup on, you can surely spare 3 minutes to cleanse your skin to let it breathe overnight.

    - if you are in love with colored contact lenses, your optometrist is the best person, not you or a contact lense vendor to help you choose and put it on your eyeball.

    - always keep your hands and your makeup bag clean to remove any dust, bacteria from them.

    You have one face, Take the best care you can!
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