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    Care With Eye Makeup - Las Vegas Professional Tips


    Beauty professionals at PBT America, the best microblading procedure and training academy at San Diego, California, advise you not to wait for a mishappening with you or someone else to serve you as a warning. Be very careful about all and any beauty therapies and procedures and trust ONLY trained and experienced professionals for guidance and the final go.

    Let's talk of eye care and make up here.
    Do not mix cosmetics. Let the lip liners serve the lips and what meant for eyes serve the eyes.

    In case you catch an eye infection, make sure you do not repeat the same makeup items you had been using, it may be carrying the bacteria now. Sam for any cosmetics.

    Strict to the shelf life limit of the makeup products. After all none of them are absolutely natural and safe forever.

    Keep your eye pencils sharpened enough to avoid the rough wooden margins scratch your eyelid or eyeball.

    Say a strict NO to sharing. Sharing in this case isn't caring.

    Keep your hands clean before and after applying makeup and start with a fresh clean face skin. Also, make sure to remove the makeup when you retire at night to let the skin  breathe.

    Whenever you are choosing a new makeup product, go with just one at a time. You should be able to make out which product didn't suit you in case some allergy occurs. Add slowly after a few days.

    Avoid powder makeup and glitter as they can easily fall into the eye and tear glands and cause irritation and dry eyes.

    Apply eye makeup on the lids. Do not block the oil and tear glands by applying products on them.

    Always use an eyelash curler BEFORE applying mascara. Choose the right metal of the curler that would suit your skin.

    Once you master the technique of care taking, you can even flaunt your eye makeup with your contact lenses.

    Your eyes are the gift from The Lord for you to see the beautiful world. Do Not mess with them. Take Care!
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