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    Las Vegas Eye Makeup Tips

                                                                                                                Las Vegas Eyelash Extension Experts
    Beautiful eyes can make you the top pick of the party.But ot everyone can bring out the beauty by using appropriate make up for their eyes. Mastering eye makeup is one of the hardest and the most important part of your make up to enhance your looks. But the beginners and non doers don't need to fret. With the availability of new cosmetics and techniques, there are plenty of eye makeup tips and tricks to make you look your best.

    - use primer as the first step to make your eyes look fresh, make the make up stay longer and prevent drying of the eye creases.

    - use the correct eye shado shade , depending upon your age, complexion, occassion, time of the day and your dress. Dark colors make your eyes look deeper and smaller and lighte shades make them look bigger and fuller.

    - make the use of the right brushes and the correct use of brushes. AVoid using the brushes that come with the eye shadow set. Go for a professional brush set.

    - white eyeliner can be you best make up pal. It will help  you form the base for the eye shadow, make your eyes look bigger and help highlight certain area of your face.

    - just like you choose clothes that suit your body shape, make sure you are aware of the shape of your eyes and choose the makeup accordingly.

    - do your eye makeup first, even before applying base to the face so that in case you  happen to mess up, you need not emove the whole thing or you may not spoil the rest of the make up.

    - always keep a basic shade of eyeshadow for days you are not sure what color to wear or if you are not a much of a make up person.

    - if you simply want to look good but not high up, use a thin eye liner at just under the lower lid. 

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