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    Plasma Lift Orange County - Before and After Care

                                                Skin Tightening Training Orange County

    Even though the fibroblast Plasma lift skin tightening is performed in completely hygienic conditions at our professional training institute and treatment center, its important to take note and be careful about the pre care and post care of the procedure.

    PBT America has been serving many areas like San DIego, California, FLorida, Las Vegas, Orange County, Nevada, Texas etc for procedures and training in Plasma Lift, Microblading and Eyelash extension. Here we speak about the skin tighteneing care, before and after.

    Pre Care -

    Wear no contact lenses when going for eyelid treatment.
    Delay your procedure in case you have a cold.
    Make sure your skin has no sun burn/ tan or inflammation symptoms.
    Do not use any skin products on the area for about a month in advance specially products with AHA / retinol / salicylic acid / glycolic or lactoc acid.
    If you have already had eyelash extensions done, you need to get them removed and can be re applied after 8 weeks of the skin tightening.

    Post Care -

    Our fibroblast experts will guide you in detail as to how to take care of your skin after the procedure. Make sure you follow the instructions and keep the involved area clean to avoid infections until the scabs have formed and exfoliated on their own.

    Swelling at and around the treated area is normal. It feels like a bad sunburn itching and pain which is usually more in the mornings and subsides through the day. Improvement and scabs can be seen 3rd day onwards and your discomfort will start decreasing as the recovery moves on. Read other related blogs for more information on the same.

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