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    San Diego Microblading FAQ's - PBT America, CA

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    Although we have spoken of Microblading Questions in mind, our clients come up with new doubts every now and then. Beauty experts at PBT America are a bunch of best trained and experienced microblading, eyelash extension and plasma lift professionals in New York, Orange County, Florida, San Diego, Las Vegas and all surrounding areas. Here we share a few more questions asked by our microblading clients.

    Can I get it removed?

    Removing microblading is difficult but possible. Since this is done using scalpels and blades, the skin is injured and goes through the natural process of healing. If microblading is done relatively superficially, it will fade by itself after a few skin regeneration cycles. Because the upper layers of skin are constantly renewed, every 28-30 days, the epidermis layer is almost completely replaced by a new one. It gets difficult depending upon the depth of skin involved. It's important to keep in mind the After Care Of Microblading.

    Is Microblading and brow tattoo the same?

    No, Its not. Tattoo is permanent and microblading is semi permanent as it is done on dermal epidermal junction of the skin whereas a tatoo is done deeper into the skin layers. Microblading gives a better natural look of course.

    Will microblading cause my natural brow hair growth to die?

    No, microblading will neither prevent nor encourage future hair loss in the brow area.

    Can I wear makeup after microblading ?

    It is advisable to avoid any kind of makeup for at least 2 weeks after the procedure. Even if you don't apply makeup on the brows, washing it off the rest of your face can have an effect on your fresh brows.
    Is the touchup session necessary?

    Yes, it is as every individual has her own rate of skin healing and outcomes may vary.
    What if I don't like it later?

    This is a benefit over brow tattooing. Being semi permanent , if you don't happen to like it, you can discontinue with the touchups and the effect will fade off with time.
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