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    Microblading Training New York

                                                                    microblading training New York

    Covering a good stretch of areas like San Diego, California, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Nevada, New York,Texas, Las Vegas, Orange County, Riverside, Temecula, Santa Ana, Santa Barbara, Irvine, Phoenix, Arizona, New Mexico, Fresno, San Jose for advanced microblading and eyelash extension trainings and events, PBT America believes in perfection and quality satisfaction. 

    Our main considerations include -
    •  long term trainings in groups and online modules for better introduction to the concept, understanding and preparation before the actual course begins.
    • we provide additional practise workshops and modes to work upon
    • we make sure the students understand the role of chemistry in make up before beginning with the training.
    • unique eyebrow mapping methods and machine are taught
    • we arrange for video trainings and webinars for those who cant attend physical classes
    • PBT has a uniques certification system and we provide career oppurtunities to our students
    Be a part of PBT for success in the latest microblading and eyelash extension trends and techniques.
    Microblading Training
    2499 USD
    1/29 to 2/12/2024
    Beauty Business Class A-Z
    550 USD
    Classic and Volume Lash Training
    1799 USD
    Skin Tightening Training 2/7/2023
    2499 USD

    Stay up to date on the Semi-Permanent Make Up Competition

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